Another Life Twice

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A love that must not exist.
When Leo’s wife Annie has an accident, he is forced to reassess his life. Giving up is out of the question, so he fights for her and for himself – and then meets Esther. The Borcherts have just bought two apartments that they are joining together to make one big apartment. Money is tight, but they should be able to afford a camping holiday. But then Annie has a horse riding accident and falls into a coma. Yet giving up is not Leo’s style. He tries to keep the vitality that defined his family upright, dances with the unconscious Annie, puts her hands in sand to remind her of the upcoming holiday to Portugal and especially of the fact that she should wake up. Leo has enough strength for two: He helps Esther, who is having trouble coping with the care of her partner, who has also fallen into a coma. Together, things are easier – also for Leo. When Annie wakes up, Leo slowly recognises that she will never be the same Annie again. But one thing is clear to him: She will always be a part of his life – just like Esther, with whom he has a special bond. But how does one turn a family that was once perfect into an unusual patchwork family? With the courage to be emotionally honest beyond any social norms, the will to take what one needs, and especially with humour.
Movie of the week
First run
Nele Willaert
ZDF Enterprises
Heike Makatsch
Benno Fürmann
Jessica Schwarz
Sofie Eifertinger
Manfred Zapatka
Lisa Kreuzer
Thomas Limpinsel
Kai Ivo Baulitz and Karoline Eichhorn
Michael Hammon
production design
Josef Santjohanser
Costume Design
Janne Birck
Günter Heinzel
Andreas Weidinger
Daniela Tolkien
Bernd Lange
Creative Producer
Anja Goll
Executive producer
Stefan Raiser, Felix Zackor